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Love is a beautiful thing; it trumps hate and can be very infectious. Capturing the love people share is something I am very passionate about.

I genuinely love taking photos and that really resonates when I do any shooting. I guarantee you'll have a wonderful time working with me. 


The recipe to a successful shoot includes many components. Location and the right light to name a couple, the most important recipe though?  Having a comfortable subject. I can not stress this enough. Whether I am shooting headshots or family portraits to engagements and weddings if my subject isn't comfortable, this show's on camera. I think my approach to photography is light hearted and genuine. I don't like to stage poses, I like to capture beauty. This is what sets me apart from other's. When you have me, you have me and my undivided attention, I don't limit my shoot time down to the minute and I will make sure you are happy and comfortable from start to finish.

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T- 1.604.615.4271

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